Nothing gets the blood pumping like going on a mountain biking trip. You get to experience heart-pounding roller coaster rides along dirt tracks and steep hills. And North America has got a ton of different tracks and locations that you have got to visit if you ever want to experience some of the best mountain bike trails around.

For those that are planning on going to a trip around the USA, then there are a few certain places where you have got to stop by. These are some of the places around the country, where you get to experience it all when it comes to mountain biking. From steep single tracks to slick rock hills, here are some of the best places to go mountain biking.

McKenzie River Trail, Oregon

Located in the twisting trails of Cascade Mountain, this particular mountain bike track is one of the best ones in the state of Oregon. This is a 26-mile track that is navigable even for beginners. More experienced mountain bike enthusiasts are not going to be disappointed with the track either as it winds through a thick forest, hot springs, ponds, rivers and even a waterfall. So the McKenzie River Trail in Oregon will certainly offer a scenic view as you ride your mountain bike through it.

Bangtail Divide Trail, Montana

For those bikers that want a more epic view of the surrounding scenery, then the Bangtail Trail is the track that you should ride on. It is a 31-mile bike trail that is going to offer you a pretty a sweet view of the surrounding area. You get to enjoy the delicious and cool mountain breeze as you ride across the hills and peaks of the Bangtail Trail. You get to ride around Grassy Mountain and Stone Creek, which offers some of the best scenic views around Montana.

Tahoe Rim Trail, Nevada

As its name suggests, this is a mountain biking track that is around the largest alpine lake in the USA, Lake Tahoe. There are more than 80 miles of the trail that is open to mountain bike riders. So there is a lot to see. For example, the 23 single-track that runs from Tahoe Meadows to Spooner Summit has it all. You get to experience steep heights, heart-pounding climbs, and awesome scenery. The constant presence of Lake Tahoe at your side is also a very welcome view too.

Deep Step Trail, South Carolina

This is another trail that is also suited for beginner riders. The trails found in Mountain Range are challenging enough without any danger of unseating the rider. And the Savannah River that rings the trail is also going to offer dips that should be exciting without being too challenging. This Deep Step Trail is easily one of the best mountain biking trails in the state of South Carolina, and you may want to make it a point to visit there if you are still new to riding on your mountain bike. It is a great place to practice your control on your bike.