The cuisine of a country provides us a glimpse of the country’s culture and traditions. It is also an inherent part of the tourism of that country as the better the cuisine, the more likely it is for people to recommend the country to their friends and family. Food trails are slowly becoming the new form of travel. Scotland is UK’s northernmost country famous for its lakes and glaciers. The climate of the country is cold and rich foods and drinks form an essential part of the food for the locals to keep warm. The national dishes of Scotland include a beautiful combination of the local produce and some influences from abroad. Food and drinks are in the blood of Scotland. The country’s fertile hills and clean coastal waters provide fresh local produce and seafood which forms the base of many dishes.

The national dish of Scotland is Haggis, which is a savory pudding made up of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs. Other spices and oatmeal form a part of the dish and the restaurants and cafes serve it with turnips and potatoes. There are many other dishes apart from haggis which form a big part of the cuisine. Scotland is famous for its cheese and whiskey. The local dairy products are fresh and tasteful. Another dish which is famous is Stovies. Potatoes and beef go in this dish. it is rich in fats and provides warmth and comfort in the harsh winters. Oatcakes are an essential side dish in almost all dishes in the country.

The Scottish breakfast is world-renowned for its taste and the number of dishes served in it. This breakfast if not for the weak-hearted. It consists of bacon, eggs, ham, sausage, potatoes, tomatoes, and toast. Coffee and black pudding are a part of this breakfast as accompaniments. When it comes to seafood, nothing can beat the taste of Cullen Skink which is a fish soup made with local fish produce and potatoes.
When it comes to desserts, Scotland is famous for the Cranachan. It is a sweet pudding made of whiskey soaked oats, raspberries, cream, and honey. The Scottish whiskey is the best in the world and adds a smoothness to this pudding.
Scotland is the land of many cultures and their influence on the cuisine is remarkable. There are many restaurants which offer curries and other non-Scottish dishes apart from the national dishes of Scotland. The country offers so much in terms of rich and exciting food options that everybody loves the cuisine for its variety.

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