Traditions of a country are not only maintained and passed through special ceremonies or events. Foodstuffs also play a crucial role to any conservative country. To begin, a national dish describes a favorite dish, popular with residents and usually forms part of a country’s identity. Almost all the countries have a designated national dish that fiercely clings to. National dishes of England, Spain, Ireland and other countries differ.

A case in point being England. Despite the highly cosmopolitan nature of the state, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding stand out as the national symbol. The food is particularly reserved for Sunday lunch. The food derives its name Yorkshire, an eponymous county within the region. The combination, roast beef, and Yorkshire pudding are best eaten alongside roast potatoes, vegetables, and horseradish sauce.

In brief, Yorkshire pudding bread traditionally cooked with beef drippings. However, other oils or butter can be used to prepare. Without the guidance of a recipe, preparing the food can be a daunting task. Combined with some internal tricks on preparation to enhance their taste, you will surely enjoy this combination.

The dish requires approximately 10 minutes preparation time and 20 minutes cooking time. Being a national dish, the key ingredients can be located with ease.


• Four large eggs

• A similar amount of milk

• Equal quantity id flour

• Pinch of salt

• Two tablespoons vegetable oil or Beef dripping

Serves six people.

Preparation procedure

• Heat the oven to a maximum 230 o c.

• Mix the eggs, milk and add salt to taste. Whisk generously using an electric hand beater or hand whisk.

• Sieve a similar amount of flour and add to the mixture. Whisk thoroughly to eliminate any lumps. Allow a 30-minute rest.

• Place a tablespoon of vegetable oil or dripping to a Yorkshire pudding tin and heat in the oven to smoke.

• Add two tablespoons of cold water to the batter as you continue whisking.

• Fill the tin, a third of each section with batter and return quickly to the oven. The time between filling the Yorkshire pudding tin and returning tin into the oven determined the quality of the cooked food. The secret being to return the tin immediately.

• Wait for approximately 20 minutes for the mixture to cook.

• Repeat the steps above for the remaining batter.

• Serve while still hot alongside any other well matching the food.

Though not lengthy and tedious, preparing this type of dish requires extreme care. This is to ensure a high-quality yield, resembling the initial national dishes.